Usage Ideas

Family, friends and customers use FreeStyle Peppers in different ways as shown below. Our products are versatile and are used as a condiment or as a seasoning in existing recipes, creating new ones, or as a replacement for unhealthy options. FreeStyle Peppers also adds a whole new dimension to regular ketchup, bbq sauce, mayo, honey and even humus.


Stir a teaspoon into homemade salsa or ready-made salsa from the store.

Vegan Creations

Takes your vegan creations to new heights. Incorporate into your recipe.


Create new dips or stir into existing condiments and dips.


A whole new flavor when spread on boiled, deviled, or poached eggs.


Stir into already cooked soup or add to your soup recipe for layered flavor.


Add to loaded baked potatoes, fries, harsh brown and tater too.


Great with stir-fry...from veggie stir-fry to beef, chicken, lamb or even tofu. Don't forget seafood!


Mix in before grilling or add it as a condiment with all your trimmings. Note: Plant-based or not!


Add to your rub for amazing flavor on the grill. Also complements BBQ Sauce.


Incredible with pasta.

Wraps & Burritos

Incredible in wraps and in Burrito

Scrambled Eggs

Add before or after cooking scrambled eggs or omelettes.

Air Fryer

Perfect for your Air Fryer Creations.


Stir into your favorite dressing or use it to create a new one.

Chili / Sauces

Takes your chili and sauces to a whole new level.


Adds a kick to your existing spices.

Avocado Toast

Wake up your sandwich.


Amazing in your sautes.

Grazing Table

Complements Charcuterie and Grazing Table.


Sprinkle on your pizza or mix into sauce.