Educating customers about our pepper-based products one at a time!

Originating in Kenosha, WI, our one-of-a-kind pepper blends and infused EVOO products are the beautiful, unique culmination of a love of spicy foods but the inability to find healthy options on the US market.  There are no real pepper-based products in the US that are truly versatile with clean ingredients that anyone can use.

Pepper is extensively used around the world to flavor food, which was the experience of one of the founders growing up in Ghana. Here in America, sugar, salt and vinegar based products are widely used to add flavor to food instead of pepper. 

As we try to improve our health, it is natural to want to replace these sugar-laden products with healthier options. Our goal at FreeStyle Peppers is to offer simple clean pepper-based products that can replace or complement your existing condiments and seasonings that are filled with added sugar, salt, color, vinegar and fillers.

Our company got its start from the local pool deck through weekly swimming lessons, the shared belief in the necessity of water safety, the mutual love of spicy food, and all of the wonderful conversations throughout!

If you also like your meals to be bursting with flavor that you just can't seem to find anywhere else, pick up a jar or bottle of one of our original blends. It can be used for ANYTHING! Keep in mind, start small. The more you add, the more fierce your meal becomes.   

Not all our products are hot but we do have some hot ones!  Remember, our objective is Flavor!!  We are creating a new space to disrupt the condiment market by offering healthy products that the consumer is free to use any way they want thus FreeStyle!


Joy & Erin