Gateway Community College

Shown are student remarks and pictures of the delicious food prepared in the Culinary Program at Gateway Community College to test the versatility of our products. Our pepper medleys or infused extra virgin olive oil were used in each of their recipes.


Scallops seared with Warming Up! Infused Extra Virgin Olive-oil, served with pepper remoulade used with the Molten pepper medley.


Incorporated Peppy Pepper medley in the hollandaise in place of tabasco. 


Carne asada Tacos with Smoke Em! pepper medley to give the skirt steak the flavor desired for a taco.


Chicken, Apple, Mango Curry with Pleasant Heat pepper medley.....“By adding the freestyle peppers into the curry dish it gave us a gentle heat with a great flavor profile while not adding sugar, vinegar or any gluten to the dish” - SM, Culinary Arts Student.


Chicken Tortilla Soup utilizing Peppy pepper medley to infuse flavor.