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We are on a mission to spread the word that not all peppers are hot. We are creating a new space in the US condiment market where pepper is used to add flavor to food. Pepper is a fruit widely used around the world and range from very mild and sometimes sweet to hot and even intense heat. We seek to share a variety of flavors with you while having some fun along the way! We take any food or recipe you love to the next level. Join us on this flavor adventure....FreeStyle with us!

Simple Ingredients

3 simple ingredients in all our products to highlight the pepper flavor: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Roasted Garlic, Dried Chile. (Easy to pronounce too!!)

Sun-dried Tomatoes*

An optional 4th ingredient is Sun-dried tomatoes that we dry ourselves to avoid salt and sulfur dioxide found in commercially dried tomatoes.

Minimal Processing

Our goal is to highlight the true pepper flavor so our products are made with simple ingredients we all know and very minimal handling.


Our products complement any food and dietary needs. It also enables those on restricted diets to add flavor to their food, even diabetics.


We use real ingredients and NO added junk. Each product has its own pepper. We do roast our own garlic.


Our simplicity sets you on an amazing Flavor Adventure that you will never regret taking!