Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

That's our favorite question by far! We add flavor with 3 simple ingredients and an option for a 4th of Sun-dried tomatoes. Our products are plant-based making it accessible to all.

Our pepper medleys and infused EVOO are made with a maximum of 4 ingredients and can (and should) be used with any food/meal imaginable. FreeStyle Peppers range from very mild to hot, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly, Gluten-Free, No Added Sodium or Sugar, No Vinegar, Color or fillers. Even a diabetic or someone on a restricted diet can have our products. No more bland food! 

Our ingredients are pure and simple with NO ADDITIVES!

What is special about your products?

"FreeStyle" is meaningful to us in two fundamental ways...It references how the partners met through swimming...(Freestyle strokes!!) and you are FREE to use our products any way you choose - Freestyle!  You do not need a special recipe to use our products.

"Pepperman" in the swim lane with water dripping off of him, wearing a swim cap and googles: an homage to how we met at the pool and pepper as the base in all our products!

What does FreeStyle Peppers mean?

A picture is worth a 1,000 words! Check out our champion eaters below!!

Yes, you can share FreeStyle Peppers with your kids! You should start by knowing their heat preference or start with a mild medley. We always suggest introducing Mellow with Sun-dried tomatoes first because it is our mildest product, then work your way up. We have had kids who like more heat than their parents, so do not be surprised if you end up buying several products of varying heat level so that everybody can have their own at the dinner table. We know this from experiences in our own home. We have the same dish but everyone can choose their own heat preference using FreeStyle Peppers.

Can I share it with my kids?

Good question!  Our products are very versatile and can be used as a condiment to add flavor to already cooked meals including carry-out and special diets.  It can also be used as an ingredient in a recipe to season any food, whether it is an old family recipe, a lemon pepper chicken recipe, a Vegan Mac and No Cheese recipe or even Weight Watchers...Our products just add healthy flavor!

What do you mean by Condiment or Seasoning?

Thank you for asking. All of our products follow our signature heat rating system. Look at the color of the name and similarly color coded circle: Mild-green with 1 Chile, Medium-blue with 2 Chile, or Hot-red with 3 Chile. Remember, start small and add more to taste. :)

How do I know a product may be too spicy for me?

We have products in grocery stores and other online market places. Head to our Store Locator Page listed under About Us in the Menu or just click on "Store Locator" above.

Where else can I purchase your products?

Yes, we have some hot stuff but we also have very mild products that you can give to a 2yr old. Remember, our primary goal is Flavor!! The option for added sun-dried tomatoes also tones down any heat while adding a unique twist! 

We recommend always starting with a small amount (think teaspoon size), tasting your food, and then deciding whether or not to add more to adjust to your preference.

What if I just want flavor and not Heat?

No, we do not add sugar to any of our products. The sweet medleys are due to the type of pepper used. Since we do not add additives or distilled water to thin out our products, you taste the true pepper flavor.

This is our products before they are dried or roasted.

Does your sweet products have added sugar?

Absolutely!! Yes, Yes, and Yes! Our name, FreeStyle, means you can use our products any way you want. Some of us need salt in our food, some omit salt by choice and others are forced to omit salt for health reasons. Let's be honest, unless you grew up without salt, you find food lacking something if you don't put a bit in there. So knock yourself out and add whatever you want to FreeStyle Peppers to make it your own!

Can I add salt to taste?

Our loyal customers consistently asked for just the infused extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to saute or drizzle over their food and we obliged!

Our Infused EVOO has more oil and less particulates, whereas our medleys have less oil and more pepper. By the way, the color of our oils is from the pepper and not color.

***Remember, we do not add color or additives to any of our products!

Why just the infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

We are working on a subscription program, so please share your interest by completing our contact us form.

I don't want to run out.  Do you offer subscription?

Whole30 wants you to eat real food, which is exactly what FreeStyle Peppers stands for! All our products are Whole30 approved, making it easy to add flavor to your food during the initial 30days and afterwards.

Why Whole30 approved?

Yes, we do offer non-glass packaging for food service. Please contact us for details.

We are unable to accept returns but will work to make things right. Please reach out with any concerns.

Link to our returns/refund policy.